Dr. Md. Abdul Kader Zilani

ড. মোঃ আব্দুল কাদের জিলানী


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I have completed my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination in the year 1986 and 1988 respectively from Rajshahi Board, Bangladesh.  After that I have done my Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Science in Physics in the year 1991 (Held in 1994) and 1992 (Held in 1996), respectively from the University of Rajshahi (RU), Bangladesh. My MSc thesis was in the field of Medical Physics. That time I had the opportunity to work on Gamma Camera at the Nuclear Medicine Centers at Rajshahi and Barishal, Bangladesh under the supervision of Prof. Khorshed Banu and Dr. Rokon Uddin. In the year 1998 I joined in the Department of Physics, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Rajshahi, Bangladesh as a Lecturer.  I went to National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2002 as a Postgraduate student with a NUS research scholarship at the Department of Physics and earned my PhD degree in 2006.  My PhD thesis was in the field of Surface and Nano Science at the Surface Science Lab (SSL) under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Wee and Assoc. Prof. Wang Xue Sen.  During my PhD research, I have worked on growth and characterization of reactive metal induced magic clusters on semiconductor surfaces.  I am familiar with ultra high vacuum and Synchrotron Radiation based Techniques. I have used the Surface Characterization Techniques: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED) for my research at SSL.  I have also used Density Functional Theory (DFT) based calculations for my work. I like to observe things at atomic level. At the end of 2006, after finishing my Doctoral degree I came back to my country and joined the Department of Physics, RUET, Rajshahi, Bangladesh as an Assistant Professor.  In 2010 and 2013, I joined as an Associate Professor and Professor respectively at the same department.  I also served as the Head of the Physics Department, RUET during the period 2013-2015 and 2017-2019 respectively.  Currently my research interest lies mainly in the field of DFT-based computational condensed physics.
Field of Research
  •  AFM-based Biological and Optoelectronic Materials
  •  DFT-based Computational Condensed Physics

  •  First Joined: 01st Nov, 1998
  •      Dept. of Physics



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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2 Al Momin Md. Tanveer Karim, Md. Jubair, Md Nuruzzaman & Md. Abdul Kader Zilani An ab initio Study on the Mechanical Stability, Spin-Dependent Electronic Properties, Molecular Orbital Predictions, and Optical Features of Antiperovskite A3InN (A = Co, Ni) ACS Omega, 7 (2022) 13588−13603 (American Chemical Society) 2022 Journal
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