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Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 Mst Ilme Faridatul, Muhaiminul Islam Impact of Greenery and Waterbody on the Cooling of City’s Environment: A Case of Rajshahi City Taylor & Francis 2024 Journal
2 Baki, M.A.H., Farjana, J., Faridatul, M.I. Evaluating Solid Waste Management and Suitability of Landfill Site in Rajshahi City Corporation, In: Souabi, S., Anouzla, A. (eds) Technical Landfills and Waste Management. Springer 2024 Book
3 M.N. Rahman, K.S. Akter, M.I. Faridatul Assessing the Impact of Urban Expansion on Carbon Emission, Environmental and Sustainability Indicators. Elsevier 2024 Journal
4 Faridatul M.I., Adnan M.S.G., Dewan A. Nexus of Urbanization and Changes in Agricultural Land in Bangladesh. In: Vadrevu K.P., Le Toan T., Ray S.S., Justice C. (eds) Remote Sensing of Agriculture and Land Cover/Land Use Changes in South and Southeast Asian Countries Springer 2022 Book Chapter
5 M.I. Faridatul and M.N. Bari Understanding the Long-Term Changes in Groundwater Level—A Tale of Highly Urbanized City Journal of Geographic Information System 2021 Journal
6 Faridatul, M.I., and Ahmed, B. Assessing Agricultural Vulnerability to Drought in a Heterogeneous Environment: A Remote Sensing-Based Approach Remote Sensing 2020 Journal
7 Faridatul, M.I., Wu, B., Zhu, X., and Wang, S. Improving remote sensing based evapotranspiration modelling in a heterogeneous urban environment Journal of Hydrology, 581, 124405 2020 Journal
8 Faridatul, M.I., Wu, B., and Zhu, X. Assessing long-term urban surface water changes using multi-year satellite images: A tale of two cities, Dhaka and Hong Kong Journal of Environmental Management, 243, 287-298 2019 Journal
9 Faridatul, M.I., and Wu, B. Multi-Temporal Urban Land Cover Mapping Using Novel Spectral Indices 21st International Conference on Remote Sensing and Applications 2019 Conference
10 Faridatul, M.I., and Wu, B. Automatic classification of major urban land covers based on novel spectral indices ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 7(12), 1-25 2018 Journal
11 Faridatul, M.I. A comparative study on precipitation and groundwater level interaction in the highly urbanized area and its periphery Current Urban Studies, 6(02), 209-222 2018 Journal
12 Faridatul, M.I. Spatiotemporal effects of land use and river morphological change on the microclimate of Rajshahi Metropolitan area Journal of Geographic Information System, 9, 466-481 2017 Journal
13 Faridatul, M.I., and Wu, B. Detecting the Dynamics of Ecological Change in the Largest Wetland of Bangladesh: GIS and Remote Sensing based Approach Proceeding of the Asia GIS Conference 2017 Conference
14 Faridatul, M.I. An assessment on the implementation of the physical development plans of Rajshahi during 1984 to 2014 Proceedings of International Conference on Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering 2017 Conference
15 Faridatul, M.I., and Jahan S. People’s perception regarding the development of community facilities: A case study of Rajshahi City Corporation Journal of Bangladesh Institute of Planners, 7, 1-16 2014 Journal
16 Ahmed, F., Faridatul M.I., and Rahman, M.M. Migration and displacement due to natural hazards and climate change vulnerability in Bangladesh Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Water & Flood Management (ICWFM-2013) 2013 Conference
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